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My Awards
Name Description Award
The Reporter Kept CHF clean by consistant reporting. The Reporter
The Thinker Helps CHF with amazing ideas. The Thinker
The Donator Helped CHF with donations. The Donator
The Chatt3r Always there on shoutbox talking. The Chatt3r
The Helper Always tries to help members on CHF. The Helper
Genius Knowledge Overload Genius
MOTM Winner Has been the MOTM at least once. MOTM Winner
Heart Of A Lion This award is given to new members who are actively contributing for the community from the beginning Heart Of A Lion
The GFX Man Awarded to members who are very good in GFX. The GFX Man
Threads Overloaded Awarded to members who constanly makes quality Threads. Threads Overloaded
The Copycat Does a great job in Copy Pasting Threads from other forums The Copycat
ProVirus To ProVirus , by fellow Staff Members ProVirus
Youtube Given to people who prove themselves through Youtube Youtube
Fire Make 10 HQ Threads in 24 Hours and this Medal is Yours! Fire
The Programmer This award will be granted to persons who have proved their knowledge in the programming field. The Programmer
Support Feather Wrote a great review Support Feather
Grammar Nazi Excellent grammar skill that's out of the world. Grammar Nazi
EVIL For the most EVIL guide? EVIL
Veteran User To the true veterans of CHF Veteran User
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